Thruwall was set up to simplify the façade design consultancy process. As the name would suggest, we offer full through wall facade including all necessary calculations and co-ordination.

We have a proven track record in design and construction with the ability to design and help procure bespoke rainscreen and façade systems.

Our aim is to provide the design solution you want tailored to your projects.




At Thruwall we specialise in the design of rainscreen façade and engineering. We aim to be your go to consultancy to complete your cladding façade design package.


From the outset to the completed As Built drawings, we can be on hand to go through the complete rainscreen design process.

This can include:

  • Full detailed design
  • Manufacture drawings /scheduling
  • Document managing to 3rd party drawing portals
  • Site visits can be included for any bespoke elements and we are happy to join your team for required design team meetings.


We experience in most systems on the market and can help with not just the design and engineering, we can help with the specification of the systems, subframe and SFS. This includes-

High pressure laminates:

  • Trespa
  • Formica
  • Rockpanel
  • Marley eternit

Aluminium systems:

  • Cassette secret fixed (no visible fixings)
  • Cassette discrete fixed (removable panels with fixings in joint recess),
  • Flat panel (exposed fixings, allowing for onsite modifications to panels)
  • Extruded for that perfect modular façade finish

Natural finish systems

  • Natural stone
  • Rainscreen and traditional
  • Glass reinforced concrete (GRC)
  • Terracotta system
  • Timber facade

Inner leaf facade design

  • Lightweight steel framing (SFS/ METSEC etc)
  • Timber frame

Insulated render

  • Sto rainscreen / EWI systems
  • SPS Envirowall
  • K rend


Aluminium flashing design

  • Coping design and layouts
  • Opening flashings
  • Window pods

Bespoke design

Thruwall have many years’ experience of designing bespoke and innovative aluminium systems. This can be for one off projects or to create a new system for your brand, we have can help with organisation of CWCT testing to create a new product for our ever expanding market.


Product specification

We have many different companies we work with to help you get the best product at the best price, including fixing specifications and onsite pull tests.


Trade co-ordination

With our mixed background, we can help with trade co-ordination throughout the project to ensure that it is delivered on time and correctly.

Façade consultancy

In addition we offer the client, builder, main contractor or sub-contractor our services to help design, specify and comment on the rainscreen design for your prestigious project. This will ensure that you have a specialist on your team to help co-ordinate packages from design conception to completion. Our input can be as little or as much as required and will be project specific to your requirements.

3D Prototyping


At Thruwall we have the capabilities to not only render your design in drawing format, we can also print your design to scale to ensure the design works.

Our 3D Replicator is able to print to a very high tolerance to produce your scale model design.

Build Volume
29.5 L X 19.5 W X 16.5 H CM

Layer Resolution
100 microns [0.0039 IN]

XY Positioning Precision
11 Microns [0.0004 IN]

Z Positioning Precision
2.5 Microns [0.0001 IN]

As an additional service Thruwall can also accept ready designed model files and print then at your request.

File Format
*.STL or we can convert AutoCAD files *.DWG



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